Who we are

We are a group of adventure & nature loving people who want to enjoy nature in its original form! Our aim is to connect you with mother nature in its purest and raw form. When you connect with us, we help you to explore untouched places every day.
Currently we are operating in heavenly Himachal and willing to take people to such places that have similar mindset and passion.

Our Objectives

We want to connect with the people of similar mindset who are willing to join us for such adventure trips and ready to explore heavenly beauty of Mother Nature without luxury. We want people to live with Nature under the sky (Using Camping Tents), cook in the jungle with traditional way, spend time with Nature, connect with people they have never met before.
Our target customers are adventure enthusiast who love Nature and want to challenge themselves for such adventures. Our aim is to provide such weekend trips on affordable cost so that everyone can enjoy these heavenly adventure. We also want to make our customers health conscious by doing such Hiking trips which not only keep them fit but also help them to see and feel nature.
We want our new generation to come out of Internet and live life we are committed to create awareness on Hiking/ Trekking / Camping & preserving Nature.

About Founder

Rahul Bakshi (Founder & CEO)

A dynamic person with 19 years of Customer service experience in Fortune 100 companies like Nokia, Canon, Xerox etc.

Something more about him :

  • He is Black Belt in Taekwondo and certified Instructor and National referee with 13 Gold Medals and more then 30 years of experience. He did all his certifications from South Korea.
  • He is also a Photographer and provides trainings on DSLR, GoPro & Mobile Photography including post processing.
  • He started Hiking & Camping 4 years ago and decided to make it as a career.